Experience VJ 30 novembre et 1 décembre 2018

Sophia Digital Art and La Zonmé present Experience VJ

★ Expériences audio-visuelles 

[fr]  Sophia Digital Art revient sur la scène azuréenne en collaboration avec la Zonmé et propose un festival d’art multi media, sous la forme de projections vidéos interactives, le tout sur de la musique électronique. Cet événement inédit vous embarquera dans diverses expériences audiovisuelles avec plusieurs artistes internationaux et novateurs dans ce domaine : une immersion totale entre les performances, les ateliers et les installations artistiques numériques. Nous retrouverons les locaux Gunston et Reymenta, l’anglais Graham Dunning et son Mechanical Techno, quatre performances AV, avec les allemands XSICHT, Wijsneus, l’américain Eric Medine, le polonais Ari Dykier. Neil C Smith et Bruce Lane en live-coding, musique et visuels. Plusieurs ateliers vous seront proposés : du mapping avec le logiciel français HeavyM, Ableton live, Praxis live ainsi que l’installation de Selfberry avec sa création de selfies animés. Sophia Digital Art vous propose également un dimanche rempli de surprises, alors n’hésitez pas à passer cette expérience dominicale dans un univers geek !
Aurélie Kula pour Nouvelle Vague

[en] Organized by Sophia Digital Art and La Zonmé, Experience VJ is a multimedia art festival located in Nice, France, featuring the newest and most innovative audio visual work, stage design, interactive visuals, and electronic music on the planet.
With workshops, hardware and software demos, and performances by 15 artists from over 5 countries, this two day event is guaranteed to amaze and delight professional artists and enthusiasts alike!

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★ Audio-Visual Performances★ 

Graham Dunning: Mechanical Techno
Originally a studio project for making recordings, I now also perform live using the Mechanical Techno method. Several looping records spin on the same axle, ensuring they stay approximately in time with each other. I layer up locked groove records, audio triggers to analogue sytnhs, mechanically played percussion such as a cowbell or a cymbal, and mechanically triggered drum machines. I take all these inputs and perform a live dub, mixing down to two channels live in one take.

Robin Rabauke vs Tschänz : XSICHT
Over several weeks a neural network has been trained to match faces and audio. With a training batch of tens of thousands of frames the network has learned to construct a human face from any given audio input. With a mixture of House, Glitchpop and Schneckno robinrabauke interactively explores the work of tschänz in a audiovisual performance. The two artists are experimenting with questions, answers and the neural network participates in a dialogue about faces, machines, music and a new reality that connects the perceptions of one world, seen by different minds.

Wijsneus: The german AV-collective Wijsneus plays danceable electronic music from strictly irrational dub to unforeseeable linear house. The music is optically supported with cumulatively layered and distorted videos from all epochs.

ChirpMachine Learning Performance
Sounds, Images and biometric Data of Birds is used to recreate their sound and behavior. Due to interpolation between different kinds and glitches in the learning algorithm the sounds start very natural and get more and more sorted and structured like in modern minimal or electronic music while the image are becoming more and more abstract and generalized. Similar to my other work every performance is very different from the others before. 3 different neural networks are interacting and used for the recreation of sound using supercollider and image using open Frameworks. Everything happens in realtime.

Neil C Smith vs Bruce Lane: Amen $ Mother function (live-coding music+visuals)
One sample, one function – a live-coded, single function demolition of the most ubiquitous sample in modern music.

Ari Dykier: AV performance
Visual artist based in Poland, Ari Dykier attended Camerimage Film School and most of his career works as filmmaker. With passion for animated works he focused on creating animated visuals and since 2013 frequently takes a part in festivals like Live Performers Meeting(Cape Town,Rome,Amsterdam), Visual Brasil (Barcelona),Generate!(Tübingen),Patchlab (Kraków),B-Seite (Mannheim),ROM (Budapest),Nokta Festival(Opole),Kyiv Lights Festival and others.
In 2017 he made a project creating visuals for concerts of renowned polish baroque orchestra Arte dei Suonatori.
His works refers to tradition of surreal animation and wide range of art genres. Through the visuals made from vintage illustrations he attempts to recreate experience of dream and oneiric reality taking inspiration from childhood fairytales,movies, paintings, books or music.
As a self-taught animator he uses digital technics to create his content but also gives a try to traditional , hand drawing animation.
1. Second Prize at Vj Battle Kyiv Lights Festival
2. Second Prize at Live Mapping Contest at LPM 2018 Rome

Persona: Live performance

Furio Furioso vs Rey Mysterioso: Lucha de Pantalla Azul
Rey Mysterioso once again will meet Furio Furioso in the squared circle!
The titans of tinnitus, the vicelords of visuals, the sultans of sound face off with deep throbbing bass and generative visuals, evoking a grumbling id that squirms beneath psychedelic and epilepsy-inducing abstractions.
SEE! The passionate pugilism when the dreaded Pantalla de Azul makes an appearence during a set!

★ Ateliers / Workshops / Showcase ★

Ableton Live: Saturday, december 1st, 15:30 French Riviera Ableton User Group  with mapping HeavyM: one month evaluation licences available, workshop on Olga Kit. Rémi Lane will show you how to compose an entire song while Bruce will synchronize visuals in HeavyM with Ableton Link

Destroy Ordinary Input Devices: Saturday, december 1st, 17:00
Eric Medine (http://ericmedine.com/destroy-ordinary-input-devices/) will show you how to control visuals in a Unity3D to Resolume pipeline using a light sensor, a cardboard box, a banana. Attendees should have some basic familiarity with programming languages (java, c#, javascript) but it’s not essential.
Topics to be covered:

    • Concepts and strategies of interactive installation
    • 3D game engine programming (Unity 3D)
    • Micro-controller programming (Arduino)
    • Spout (realtime video sharing network)
  • Resolume (professional live event software)

Required hardware/software:

Praxis Live: 
Saturday , december 1st, 13h30: An Introduction to PraxisLIVE
Hybrid-visual live programming for visualists.
Learn how to use this open-source software to quickly create custom VJ tools, interactive installations, or live-coded performances. Work with nodes and/or code – it’s up to you! The workshop will introduce basic project building and patching. You may then continue working entirely within the intuitive visual patcher, or learn how to “drop down” to the included code editor and live recode nodes using Processing, Java or OpenGL shaders.
The workshop will be lead by PraxisLIVE lead developer Neil C Smith. Participants will need a laptop (Windows, macOS or Linux), ideally with the software pre-installed (USB sticks will also be available).

★ Digital Installations★

Animated selfies on Raspberry Pi: Selfberry

★ Partners★

La Zonmé  | Videodrömm | Ten Ton Raygun | AVnode | HeavyM

Partenaire d’Experience VJ:
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★ About Sophia Digital Art 

Sophia Digital Art creates events which aims to connect artists from all over the world to exchange expertise and promote the newest technologies of performing art. The program promotes workshops, concerts, dj/vj sets, installations, audiovisual performances and project showcases. Its mission is to establish connections between the disciplines of VJing, visual programming in real time, stage design, interaction between music and image, and multimedia art.

La Zonmé: 7Bis Rue des Combattants en Afrique du Nord, 06000 Nice