unity as a library

Ionic with Unity as a library

Since Unity version 2019.3 it’s possible use a Unity app as a library in a native mobile app! Based on this example, I managed to add a Ionic app inside a native mobile Android app, so it can launch and communicate with the Unity app. Using npm run ionic:build we get capacitor to copy the built files to /android/app/src/main/assets/public/ then[…]


Unity ARCore

Dans un nouveau projet Unity changer la plateforme vers Android ou iOS dans File/Build Settings.Dans Player Settings:Section XR Settings Cocher ARCore SupportedSection Other Settings Graphics APIs supprimer Vulkan Télécharger depuis https://github.com/google-ar/arcore-unity-sdk/releases Menu Assets/Import Package/Custom Package, arcore-unity-sdk-1.13.unitypackageDécocher les exemples Si message d’erreur sur “using UnityEngine.SpatialTracking”, importer le package XR Legacy Input Helper Créer dans la scène un Objet null appelé ARCore[…]


Acegikmo streams on twitch

I came across the twitch streams from Acegikmo starting with this one: It caught my attention for 3 hours, the functions I use in fragment shaders became a lot clearer.I discovered plenty of tips for Unity, and HLSL is quite similar to GLSL shading language I use in my open source projects. Since then, I watch nearly all the streams,[…]