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Algorave – ELIA Academy

Written by Bruce LANE on September 27, 2019

Algorave – ELIA Academy

Bruce performing with Hydra

Presented by J Simon van der Walt, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, United Kingdom

Experience ‘live-coding’ and explore your feelings about the digital through dancing.

‘Live-coding’ is a practice where creative artists who work with computer code perform live, often producing music and/or visuals, with the audience typically able to watch the evolution of the code on a projected screen. ‘Algorave’ is a subgenre where the aim is to produce beat-driven music and/or visuals for dancing.

This presentation outlines current practice and research in the area of live-coded music and visuals, with particular reference to both educational contexts and the algorave scene. Delegates will have the opportunity to explore and express their understanding of digital practices in an embodied way through the medium of dance.


J Simon van der Walt on music live-coding with SuperCollider

Bruce Lane on visuals live-coding with Hydra and Kodelife