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Written by Bruce LANE on March 31, 2020


algo:ritmi is a 3D virtual club in which artists can perform by streaming their music/visuals/art and interact with the audience with chat and voice.

People can attend virtually, choosing an avatar, or better creating their own with Blender for example. For this event, Marco Modena remixed a very nice model from 3D artist Cherry Manga:


The virtual world is hosted on hubs from Mozilla, which is built on top of A-Frame:
Enea Le Fons created the 3D model world and the event is curated by Karin Gavassa
Bruce Lane performed a real-time visuals live-coding based on Hydra software from Olivia Jack.
Drum’n’Bass mix by Gunston

first live performance
second live performance with live-coded music by Alexandra Cárdenas