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Ionic React – Getting started (Typescript)

Written by Bruce LANE on February 26, 2019

Ionic React – Getting started (Typescript)

The Ionic framework team has announced React is officially supported in Ionic.
Let’s build an app for web and devices.

This project uses Typescript, you can also use the Javascript version

In a new folder, let’s run:

ionic start
then choose react and a template ( conference is great will all options! )
cd appname
npm start

The browser runs the app

Let’s install with npm (and save to package.json) ionic/react and capacitor

npm i -S @ionic/core @ionic/react @capacitor/cli @capacitor/core typesafe-actions

Optional: Axios, Redux, React-Router, React-Dropzone
npm i -S @types/react-redux @types/react-router @types/react-router-dom axios react-dropzone react-redux react-router react-router-dom redux redux-devtools

Next step: build and run on a device

First run npm run build to create the build folder which will be used by the ionic capacitor to generate the android app

Create a ionic.config.json file with the following content

"name": "your ionic react app name",
"integrations": {
"capacitor": {}
"type": "react"

And a capacitor.config.json file

"appId": "com.yourdomain.yourappname",
"appName": "your ionic react app name",
"bundledWebRuntime": false,
"npmClient": "npm",
"webDir": "build"
"cordova": {}

Run the ionic capacitor from the command line

ionic capacitor add android

Now launch Android Studio with npx cap open android

App running on the device

Add in package.json, section “scripts”:
"ionic:build": "npm run build && ionic capacitor copy"

Then run ionic capacitor run android

Same process applies to deploy to ios on a mac, just change the commands with ios instead of android