MAKE ART! Creative Coding for Live Performance using Cinder

This is a 2 day workshop from 15-19 o’clock on april 29, 2017.

Creative Coding for Live Performance using Cinder
Learn to code in C++ with the Cinder framework.
– Setup the development environment: use Visual Studio community or xCode
– use Tinderbox to create a project with Cinder blocks (modules)
– learn about the project architecture: setup, update, draw
– use blocks for warping, audio, midi, osc, websockets…
– use blocks for devices: kinect, leapmotion, …
– UI options: immediate mode gui (imGui), minimalUI
– get started with shaders (GLSL)
– output to Resolume using Spout on Windows / Syphon on mac
– other options depending on attendees interest (nodejs websocket server, html5, …)

Bring your laptop with visual studio(2013/2015/2017) or xCode. (If you need any help contact
It’s recommended to have some basics in a programming language to attend this workshop.
The language is English and the workshop is 10€
Please register using