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TopLap 15th anniversary stream

Written by Bruce LANE on February 03, 2019

TopLap 15th anniversary stream

Video of the performance

Live Coding visuals by Bruce Lane
Music: Batchass, Rémi Lane, Julien Hayot
Software: custom version of Olivia Jack’s Hydra by Bruce – litegraph from Javi Agenjo

Jeudi à 13h (heure de Nissa) je live-code du fragment shader en streaming, âmes sensibles s’abstenir. J’ouvre le bal qui va durer 3 jours, du live-code de musique et de visuels de 168 artistes de la planète g33k.

Bruce Lane will be livecoding on february 14 13:00CET

We’ve been running an annual Algorave stream, but as it’s the 15th anniversary year of TOPLAP, lets do a birthday stream for that instead this time..

Live coding is about making live music, visuals and other time-based arts by writing and manipulating code. Recently it’s been popularised as Algorave, but is a technique used in all kinds of genres and artforms.

The open worldwide live coding community goes by the name of TOPLAP (Temporary Organisation for the Promotion of Live Algorithm Programming) was formed 15 years again (14th February, 2004) at an event called Changing Grammars in Hamburg.

Now this worldwide community is coming together to make a continuous 3.5 day live stream with over 168 half-hour performance slots..

Watch here:

Join the livestream chat here:

There’s over 168 performances from 14th-17th February, quite a few beamed from local celebratory events being organised around the place (Prague, London, NYC, Amsterdam, Madison, Bath, Argentina, Richmond, Hamilton, …), and others by individuals who’ll be live coding from their sofa.

Anyone going to stay up to watch the whole thing?